Casa Herrera Study Abroad Program

Summer Program at Casa Herrera. This twelve- or six-week program bolts a  particular emphasis on education and teaching. Learn more about the program.

What is Casa Herrera?

Casa Herrera is a 17th century colonial property located in the heart of Antigua, Guatemala. As an extension of The Mesoamerica Center, the Casa’s programs facilitate the study and appreciation of Pre-Columbian art and archaeology and the indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica.

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Casa Herrera



The Casa Herrera is a new research, conference and teaching facility located in the heart of Antigua, Guatemala, operated by the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with the Fundación Pantaleón. As an extension of the university’s Mesoamerica Center, the Casa Herrera focuses on the varied and inter-related disciplines that contribute to the study of Pre-Columbian art, archaeology, history and culture. Its larger mission is to create new opportunities for education and research, facilitating learning and dialogue in many fields of study, among scholars and students from many institutions and nations in Central America and beyond.

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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Catherine Popovici

Read about all of the activities and programs we took on in the 2016-2017 academic year, and what to expect of 2017-2018.