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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Catherine Popovici

Read about all of the activities and programs we took on in the 2016-2017 academic year, and what to expect of 2017-2018.

From the Archives


In 1978, this 56-page booklet, the original “notebook” for the Maya Hieroglyphic Writing Workshop at Texas, was handed out to all participants and contained Linda Schele’s detailed transcriptions of selected hieroglyphic tablets from Palenque, Mexico.

This initial gathering, held over a chilly spring break in Austin, was the distant ancestor of the current Maya Meetings and has been held annually ever since. 



Registration Instructions


Registration is now open!

We have three days of workshops, two days of Symposium, and a special exhibit! New this year, we have added the option to pre-order boxed lunches for the Symposium.

We also have a new registration system that took a while to be up and running, so we appreciate your patience! Please follow the instructions below, as the system is different from previous years. 

Our Sponsors: Ruta Maya Coffee

We are excited to announce that Ruta Maya Coffee Company has once again offered its support for The Mesoamerica Center and the 2018 Mesoamerica Meetings! We have an impressive lineup of workshops and symposium talks, made possible by the endorsement of Ruta Maya Coffee. We are thankful for our Austin neighbors, who bring us coffee from the lands of Mesoamerica and support our programs for scholarly and public audiences.

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