Casa Herrera Summer Programs Update

Study Abroad 2015 students

This summer, Casa Herrera has had the privilege of hosting various academic events, public activities, and student groups! From Study Abroad Program sessions to Mayan Language Institute and archaeological lectures, it's been a summer of great activities at Casa Herrera!

We kicked-off the summer with the Language, Diversity and Education UT study abroad program, a 6-12 week program where students had the opportunity to engage in coursework with professors Dr. Luis Urrieta and Dr. Deborah Palmer from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at UT. The purpose of the program was to provide students an opportunity to explore different issues related to education in Guatemala and Latin America, including cultural, social and economic factors that impact how diverse populations learn and the implications of the use and teaching of the English language internationally.

For the second year in a row, Casa Herrera welcomed the Maya Language Institute, led by professors Dr. Judith Maxwell from Tulane University and Mareike Sattler from Vanderbilt University. During their six weeks at Casa Herrera, students participating in the Institute received intensive Maya language instruction in either Kaqchikel or K’iche’, working alongside instructors from San Antonio Aguascalientes, Santa María de Jesús, and Nahualá.

Other activities and events that took place this summer at Casa Herrera include the Guatemalan Scholars Network (GSN) conference, the Kaminaljuyú Roundtable organized by UT alumna Dr. Lucia Henderson, and public courses in archaeology and Maya studies. Casa Herrera also hosted its 5th annual cocktail with the theme, “The Archaeological Landscape in Guatemalan Film,” with special commentary from guest speakers, archaeologist Edgar Carpio and cultural historian Edgar Barillas.