Dr. David Stuart recognized with UNESCO Medal

Dr. David Stuart has been awarded a UNESCO medal for his lifetime contributions to the study of ancient Maya culture and archaeological sites, including those which have been categorized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This is the first time UNESCO World Heritage Centre has awarded this honor in Latin America. Other recipients honored at the ceremony were the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (National Institute of Archeology and History of Mexico), archeologist Enrique Nalda (in memoriam), and the magazine Arqueología Mexicana. The medal recognition was instituted by the United Nations in 1948, and is awarded to recipients for their important work in cultural and historical conservation.

David Stuart addressing the award ceremony attendees

Francesco Bandarin (Italy), Director of UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre and UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Culture, stated in his presentation of the award that “Dr. Stuart’s research has contributed to the study of Maya culture in its archeological and anthropological dimensions, and Maya culture is now highest in the UNESCO list of world heritage conservation. Therefore UNESCO recognizes the importance of Dr. Stuart’s work in the field”

“This is a special time for Maya archaeology and epigraphy. Until recently we were never in a position to talk about the history of Maya civilization; now we have identified their dynasties and studied their politics and societies; but there is yet a lot of work ahead of us,” said Dr. Stuart.

For more information on the award visit the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia