Extensive documentation of Maya architectural sites

Currently on exhibition at the Battle Hall Reading Room of the Architecture & Planning Library are some of the amazing drawings from the George and Geraldine Andrews collection.

UT Fine Arts Library: What's old is New

Hidden in plain sight for all of Austin to see is an engaging collection of pre-Columbian pottery. A true treausure in campus!

Murals of San Bartolo 2

San Bartolo Mural

 West Wall, Murals of San Bartolo
West Wall, Murals of San Bartolo

The Murals of San Bartolo, El Petén, Guatemala
Part 2: The West Wall 
by Karl A. Taube, William A. Saturno, David Stuart and Heather Hurst

David Stuart Receives Proskouriakoff Award

Image courtesy of the Peabody Musem

The Mesoamerica Center congratulates Dr. David Stuart for receiving the prestigious Tatiana Proskouriakoff Award, established by a gift from Landon T. Clay to recognize the artistic achievements of non-European cultures of the New World, along with outstanding contributions to the field of New World Indian Studies.

David Stuart lectures at Casa Herrera

David Stuart lectures about "La Verdadera Estructura del Calendario Maya" in an open to the public lecture at Casa Herrera.

Further Findings

Photo of David Stuart

David Stuart is interviewed by Further Findings. Further Findings focuses on the stories behind the research, the questions that shaped the research and what excited the researcher.