IHOPE ( Integrated History and Future of People on Earth) is a global network of researchers and research projects using integrative frameworks to combine study human and Earth system history on behalf of our species’ future. IHOPE’s long-term, human-scale perspective unites Earth system science with the social sciences, the humanities, and communities of practice. The IHOPE project office is hosted by Uppsala University in Sweden.

The IHOPE Workshop is sponsored by UT’s Mesoamerican Archaeological Research Laboratory, the Department of Geography and the Environment, and the C.B. Smith, Sr. Centennial Chair in US Mexico Relations #2.  The workshop is rganized by Professor Fred Valdez ( Department of Anthropology)  and Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach (Geography Department). Although much of the 2 day meeting will be a working meeting of the Research group, there will be a presentation on an Agent Based Modeling project on the Yucatan Peninsula, headed by Dr. Scott Heckbert. His coauthors will be presenting an update and discussion of the model based on MayaSim  

Tuesday 4/22/14,
3-6 pm in the ATT Center, Classroom 106.