The Mesoamerica Center receives support from Ruta Maya Coffee

Ruta Maya Coffee

The Mesoamerica Center housed in the Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Austin is proud to announce a new partnership with Ruta Maya Coffee.

“The Maya Meetings and Ruta Maya Coffee are two Austin institutions with strong ties in the Maya world. It’s wonderful to have us working together to promote scholarship, learning and sustainability in the region,” said David Stuart, director of The Mesoamerica center and the Linda and David Schele Chair in the Art and Writing of Mesoamerica.

Ruta Maya Coffee will be partially underwriting the Maya Meetings and programs at Casa Herrera.

"We are very proud to be involved with the Mesoamerica Center at The University of Texas at Austin and to participate in The Maya Meetings and Casa Herrera. We are excited about all the possibilities as well as the bridges to be built between the Mayan Farmer Coops and the Mesoamerica Center" said Tim Sheehan, President of Ruta Maya Coffee.

The Maya Meetings bring scholars and interested individuals together once a year to study and explore the richness of ancient Maya art, archaeology, and writing. Participants enjoy featured lectures, forums, and research workshops, many geared to the study and learning of ancient Maya hieroglyphs. Each year, the meetings alternate between UT Austin and Casa Herrera, UT Austin’s academic and conference center in Antigua, Guatemala.

Casa Herrera is an extension of the university’s Mesoamerica Center. Programming focuses on the inter-related disciplines that contribute to the study of Pre-Columbian art, archaeology, history, and culture. The location provides a major venue for research and teaching of Pre-Columbian art and archaeology, facilitating dialogue and cooperation among scholars, faculty, and students from diverse disciplines, institutions, and nations.

Ruta Maya was founded in 1990 in Austin, Texas and has become a well-established business in Austin. Ruta Maya imports 100 percent organic Arabica coffee beans that are shade-grown by a cooperative of farmers in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico—the land of the ancient and modern Maya. The organization enables farmers to sustain and replenish the land for future generations while helping to promote conservation of natural resources. Ruta Maya also helps to identify, distinguish, and empower the Mayan farmer as a strong economic force within the community.

Ruta Maya Coffee is extremely proud to partner with The Mesoamerica Center and offer support to their programs.

More information about The Mesoamerican Center and the upcoming Maya Meetings  (January 12-16, 2016 at The University of Texas at Austin).