Discovery of pre-Aztec domestic complex in Mexico City

Amecameca domestic ruins

The Guardian reports on an INAH project in Mexico City has unearthed evidence of pre-Aztec housing. 

The verb Bix

logogram for the verb bix

A new post for all you glyphers over on Dr. David Stuart's Decipherment blog about the verb Bix.

Ancient Maya snuff jar

Classic Maya tobacco vessel

Scientific American article and podcast featuring Classic Maya tobacco vessel.


Dr. Leonardo López Luján visits San Antonio

Dr. Alfredo López Luján

Dr. Leonardo López Luján, will be giving a lecture at San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA).

David Stuart Lectures at the Royal Ontario Museum

Dr. David Stuart will lecture at the Royal Ontario Museum for their Maya Distinguished Lecture Series.

Casa Herrera gives UT a gorgeous Guatemalan Research Center

Check out the article about Dr. David Stuart and Casa Herrera featured on The Alcade magazine

Follow Fall 2011 Study Abroad Blog

Follow the 2011 Study Abroad student at Casa Herrera and their adventures in Antigua, Guatemala. 15 students are spending a full fall semester in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Antigua and experiencing a rich cultural immersion into Guatemalan life.

Cracking the Maya Code viewing

Book Cover

Join The Mesoamerica Center in partnership with Informal Classes for a FREE event. We will have a screening of Cracking the Maya Code featuring UT professor Dr. David Stuart.

A day Sign List by David Stuart

A simple, but beautifully drawn, list of the twenty Maya day-signs with the Yucatec versions of their names by David Stuart. The list is also feature in Dr. Stuart's latest book, The Order of Days.