Digital Streaming and Recorded Videos - new this year!

MM20 Digital Streaming image

In response to many of our followers' requests for online access to The Mesoamerica Meetings, in 2020 we are offering a new option for you to attend the Symposium remotely!


If you follow the instructions at our registration website ( you will be able to select the option "2-DAY SYMPOSIUM: CENTER AND THE FOUR CORNERS - DIGITAL STREAMING" for a registration fee of $65.00. This fee will give each registrant access to the streaming website where you will need a password associated with your registration confirmation number that will be emailed to you the day before the Symposium.

Since many of our followers are in parts of the world with different time zones, and may not be able to watch the Symposium talks live, this digital registration option also gives you access to the recorded videos for the two days of the Symposium for you to watch at your leisure a few days after the Meetings (when they will be uploaded online) and until May 15, 2020. Please note that only the Symposium section of The Mesoamerica Meetings will be recorded and available for online viewing. The workshops are designed to be inherently interactive hands-on classes, and will continue to remain open to those who attend the conference in person. Please note: if you wish to watch the Meetings live, please register for this option by midnight Tuesday January 14 so you can receive your emailed password in time before January 16. If you register after midnight January 14, you will receive your emailed password for the archived site about one week after the Meetings end, when the site is ready, and you will be able to continue to access it until May.


The keynote presentation on Thursday, January 16 will be streamed online for free access to all who are interested. The link will be posted on our Facebook page ( at the start of the Symposium on January 16. Stay tuned!

After The 2020 Mesoamerica Meetings wrap up: 

Did you want to revisit the talks you heard? Did you have to miss one of the two days because of travel problems? Were you unable to attend this year but would like to watch the talks later in the weeks to follow? You can still register for the digital option until May 2020, and catch up on the Meetings talks you missed!


If you register for this option, this is what you can expect:

1. Registration - You can register for both the traditional Symposium with in-person attendance, and the the digital streaming option for online viewing at our registration site link above. You can also attend the Meetings in person, and later the digital registration if you want to review the talks at a later time between end of January and May.

2. Order Confirmation Email - Once you register for the digital option at our registration site, you will receive an email confirmation with your confirmation number. Please save this email and the confirmation number is proof that you have signed up for the digital Symposium. If you do not receive a confirmation email for your order, please contact or

3. Access Information Email for Livestreaming - If you have registered for the digital option by midnight Tuesday January 14, you will receive an additional email (beyond your confirmation email) on Wednesday January 15 with the details on the link for the online portal and your password to access the talks for the Symposium on Friday January 17 and Saturday January 18. 

4. Access Information Email for Archived Videos - If you have registered for the digital option after January 14 you will receive the email with your access information for the archived videos as soon as the webiste is ready (about a week after the Meetings end, and before the end of January). If you watched the Meetings live you will also have access to the archived videos and you will be provided with your password for the archived site at the email you used to register for the digital option. If you register for the archived videos between February 1st and May 1st you will receive your password in the Order Confrmation Email for your registration. 

Thank you for your support as we continue to innovate and explore ways to reach those of you you cannot travel here in person! As this is the first year we are providing this option, please be patient if we may not have all the answers yet. We will continue to work to improve your experience.