Jan. 15 - 19, 2019
Dress Codes: Regalia and Attire in Ancient Mesoamerica
All-day event

The 2019 Mesoamerica Meetings will take a detailed and interdisciplinary look at topics related to dress, adornment, regalia, and bodily decoration among ancient Mesoamerican cultures. This topic was certainly of great importance to ancient Mesoamericans, given how the imagery accompanying the human body was so central to identity, status, and social codes. Yet the study of this rich and informative theme remains under-developed in many ways. Our meeting will bring together an international group of scholars, students, and all interested people to explore the different ways in which “dress codes” can reveal new insights into Mesoamerican societies, cultures, and worldviews. Read the full theme and check back for updates at The 2019 Mesoamerica Meetings page.