Scholar-in-Residence Program

**Please note: We currently are not accepting residency applications at this time for fall 2023, spring 2024, or summer 2024.

The Scholar-in-Residence Program at Casa Herrera selects a number of Visiting Scholars who wish to spend time at the Casa working on their own research and writing projects. Availability for Scholar-in-Residents is based upon the programs at Casa Herrera.

Scholars-in-residence at the Casa Herrera are able to pursue disciplined work, individual reflection, critical thinking, and a collegial engagement uninterrupted by professional and personal demands.

While at the Casa Herrera, the combination of private time for work and reflection and informal gatherings with cohort scholars and members of the community is an important part of life. The Casa Herrera seeks applicants who are able to demonstrate a strong commitment to their respective fields; scholars who are pursuing interdisciplinary research; and scholars whose research would benefit from a residence in Antigua, Guatemala.

We offer Student Visiting Researcher, Junior Visiting Scholar and Senior Visiting Scholar programs.

Student Visiting Researcher

Student Visiting Researcher are for degree candidates who at the time of application have fulfilled all preliminary requirements for a Master degree and will be working on a thesis or final project under the direction of a faculty member at their own university.

Junior Visiting Scholar

Junior Visiting Scholars are for degree candidates who at the time of application have fulfilled all preliminary requirements for a Ph.D. and will be working on a dissertation or final project under the direction of a faculty member at their own university.

Senior Visiting Scholar

Senior Visiting Scholar are for scholars who hold a doctorate or comparative degree or have established themselves in their field and wish to pursue their own research.

Selection Process and Criteria

Visiting Scholars and Student Researchers are selected competitively on the basis of the applicant's qualifications, the quality of the applicant's research plans, and the relevance of both to the Mesoamerica Center and Casa Herrera’s mission and objectives.

Decisions are based on:

  • the quality of the proposed project
  • the benefits of working on the project in Antigua, Guatemala
  • the potential scholarly impact of the project, and
  • the professional qualifications and achievements of the applicant.

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Liability Disclaimer for Casa Herrera Program

The University of Texas at Austin students, faculty, or staff cannot be required to travel to a UT Restricted Region. Any participation in travel to a Restricted Region is strictly voluntary, and the participant assumes full responsibility for all risks associated with this travel. Participants have the option to withdraw from participation in this program at any time.

As a condition of Participant's involvement with or participation in the program activities, the Participant will release, waive, discharge, and agree to hold harmless The University of Texas at Austin from all liability arising out of or in connection with Participant's involvement with and/or participation in the program activities at Casa Herrera. Participants of all Casa Herrera programs must acknowledge that the country/countries in which Casa Herrera program activities may take place in whole or in part, or any other country through which the Participant may travel when involved with and/or participating in the substantially lower than those enjoyed in the United States. Participant must further acknowledge the inherent hazardous and dangerous nature of the program activities as well as the above-reference risks of participating in the program activities or in traveling to, through or from the country/countries in which the program activities will take place, and must agree to assume all risk of illness, injury, or death from Participant's travel to or from the program activities and participation therein.

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