The 2014 Maya Meetings

Tikal and Its Neighbors

January 7-11, 2014 - La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala


Tikal - 2014 Maya Meetings

For the first time in over a decade, The 2014 Maya Meetings will focus on the archaeology and history of Tikal, Guatemala – long renowned as one of the great kingdoms of the ancient Maya civilization.

The conference and workshops will feature new research on various fronts, revealing changes in our conception of Tikal as a city, as a court, and as a community. Presentations by noted and upcoming scholars will highlight the ways archaeology and epigraphy are reevaluating Tikal’s key role in the political and cultural history of the central lowlands. The Meetings will also look at the history of research at Tikal, and the remarkable legacy of early excavations on the present-day methods and science of Maya archaeology. Please join us in Antigua Guatemala for a fun and fascinating experience!