Symposium Program: January 12-16, 2021

Detail of Pakal Sarcophagus 1

Below is the complete list of speakers and talks of the Symposium. This year's theme is News from the Field: Archaeological Perspectives from Mesoamerica. The full program schedule with abstracts and speaker biographies is available for download here.

For information about our 2021 Mesoamerica Meetings online workshop led by David Stuart and Danny Law, please visit our Online Workshop page.

Symposium Program

Takeshi Inomata

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 3:00pm CST

Takeshi Inomata, The University of Arizona
Early Formal Ceremonial Complexes in the Olmec and Maya Areas

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Iyaxel Cojti Ren

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 4:15pm CST

Iyaxel Cojti Ren, Dumbarton Oaks
Chi Awär and the Rise of the Ancient Kaqchikel Polity in the Guatemalan Highlands

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Keith M. Prufer and Douglas J. Kennett

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - 3:00pm CST

Keith M. Prufer, The University of New Mexico and
Douglas J. Kennett, University of California, Santa Barbara

New Perspectives on Early Human Adaptations in the Neotropics of Mesoamerica

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Alexandre Tokovinine

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - 4:15pm CST

Alexandre Tokovinine, The University of Alabama
Living with Kings: Non-Royal Households and Moral Community at La Sufricaya

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Golden and Scherer Labeled

Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 3:00pm CST

Charles Golden, Brandeis University and
Andrew Scherer, Brown University

News from the Kingdoms of Sak Tz'i' and Piedras Negras

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Sandra Balanzario

Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 4:15 CST

Sandra Balanzario, CINAH-Quintana Roo
Exploraciones Arqueológicas en Dzibanché, Quintana Roo
**This presentation will be in Spanish**

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Joanne Baron

Friday, January 15, 2021 - 3:00pm CST

Joanne Baron, Bard Early Colleges
La Florida Namaan: New Finds and New Theories

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Nelda Marengo Camacho

Friday, January 15, 2021 - 4:15pm CST

Nelda Marengo Camacho, University of California, Riverside
The Moon, the Shell House, and the South Plaza: Recent Excavations in the Initial Series Group at Chichen Itza

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Jarosław Źrałka

Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 12:00pm CST

Jarosław Źrałka, Jagiellonian University
Recent Research of Rare Maya Wall Paintings from Chajul, Guatemala

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Jeffrey Blomster

Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 1:15pm CST

Jeffrey Blomster, The George Washington University
The Earliest Ballcourt in Highland Mesoamerica

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Leonardo López Luján, Alejandra Aguirre Molina, & Israel Elizalde Mendez

Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 2:30pm CST

Leonardo López Luján, Alejandra Aguirre Molina, and Israel Elizalde Mendez, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico
War Creatures: Animals with Insignia and Ornaments in the Offerings of the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan

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