Conference Schedule: January 11-15, 2022

Our workshop and symposium activities will be an all virtual format. 


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The Symposium presentations will be live streamed to Vimeo and the links to watch will be provided to all individuals who have registered at our registration website. For information about how to register, please visit our Registration Information page.

The online workshop is a closed Zoom session limited to 50 paid registrants. For more information, please visit the Online Workshop 2022 page.

*Note: All times listed below are in Central Standard Time (CST), UTC/GMT-6 hours.


Footstep Path - The Codex Nuttall - The 2022 Virtual Mesoamerica Meetings


Tuesday, January 11th & Wednesday, January 12th
9:00am - 12:00pm CST
Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphic Writing
Instructors: Danny Law and Mackenzie Walters
Platform: Zoom (limited to 50 paid registrants). See Online Workshop 2022 page for more details.



Tuesday, January 11th
3:00 - 5:30pm CST
Opening Remarks for the Symposium
Symposium Talks
Platform: Vimeo

Wednesday, January 12th
3:00 - 5:30pm CST
Symposium Talks | Platform: Vimeo

Thursday, January 13th
3:00 - 5:30pm CST
Symposium talks | Platform: Vimeo

Friday, January 14th
3:00 - 5:30pm CST
Symposium Talks | Platform: Vimeo

Saturday, January 15th
12:00 - 4:00pm CST
Symposium Talks
Closing Remarks for the conference
Platform: Vimeo



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Vimeo is an online platform and broadcasting service that hosts videos and live streaming on an ad-free basis. You can access Vimeo videos (like The 2022 Mesoamerica Meetings) directly through your internet browser. When we email you the links after you register, you will be able to just click on them and watch the talks online. If you prefer, you can download the app to watch on your smart phone and mobile devices (for Android or iPhone). You can also watch Vimeo videos, like the 2022 Meetings presentations, on your television. Depending on the TV and service you have (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.) you may be able to view our presentations from your couch rather than on a computer screen.