The 2019 Mesoamerica Meetings Symposium Program


Below is the complete list of speakers and talks of the Symposium: Dress Codes. To see the full Symposium schedule, including abstracts and speaker biographies, download a PDF of the program: 

For workshops see the separate tab for Workshop Information, Jan 15-17.


Thursday evening January 17th: Keynote Presentation

Alejandro de Ávila, Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca

The roots of Attire and Regalia: Fibers, Dyestuffs and Weaving Techniques in Mesoamerica

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Friday January 18th: Symposium talks

David Stuart, University of Texas at Austin

Opening Remarks

Marc Zender, Tulane University

Logographic Depictions of Mesoamerican Clothing

Justyna Olko, University of Warsaw

Beyond Physicality: Dress, Agency, and Social Becoming in the Nahua World

Caitlin Earley, University of Nevada, Reno

Fit to be Tied: The Agency of Contested Bodies in Ancient Maya Art

Martin Diedrich, Independent Scholar

Late Classic Maya Period Ending Costumes in Western Petén, Guatemala

Lois Martin, Fordham University

The Ecological Logic of Aztec Royal Attire: Dressing to Express Dominion

Geoffrey G. McCafferty and Sharisse D. McCafferty, University of Calgary

Costume and the Case of Mixtecan Identity

Maxime Lamoureux-St-Hilaire, Boundary End Center

Regalia and Political Communication among the Classic Maya

Laura Filloy Nadal, Escuela Nacional de Conservación, and Museo Nacional de Antropología, 

Mexico City

To Shine Brightly in Mesoamerica

Franco Rossi, University of Illinois at Chicago

All About Xanab: Understanding Ancient Maya Footwear

Question and Answer Session 

Friday evening January 18th: public event

Open to all attendees of The Mesoamerica Meetings and interested general public.

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Saturday January 19th: Symposium Talks

Nicholas Carter, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University

Ancient Maya Ear, Nose, and Lip Decorations in Art and Archaeology

Billie Follensbee, Missouri State University

Gulf Coast Olmec Costume in the Maya San Bartolo Murals

Sylvie Peperstraete, Université Libre de Bruxelles, and École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris

"Men turned into the image of the devil himself!" (Fray Diego Durán): Aztec Priests' Attire and Attributes

Cara Tremain, Langara College

Ancient Maya Courtly Dress

Dicey Taylor, Independent Scholar

Classic Maya Dress: Wrapping Body, Language, and Culture

Jesper Nielsen and Christophe Helmke, University of Copenhagen

Of Solar Rays and Eagle Feathers: New Understandings of Headdresses in Teotihuacan

Ángel González, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, and Bertrand Lobjois, Universidad de Monterrey

The Human Part of the Animal: Reflections on Hybrid and Anthropomorphic Images of the Feathered Serpent

Karl Taube, University of California, Riverside

Preciousness Embodied: The Symbolism of Jade and Quetzal Plumes in Royal Maya Performance

Joanne Pillsbury, The Metropolitan Musem of Art

Celestial Bodies: Materials and Divine Power in the Ancient Americas

Question and Answer Session

Concluding Remarks

Saturday evening January 19th: Closing Reception

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