The 2020 Mesoamerica Meetings Symposium Program

Symposium information

Below is the complete list of speakers and talks of the Symposium: Center and the Four Corners. The full program schedule with abstracts and speaker biographies is downloadable here.

For workshops see the separate tab for Workshop Information, January 14-16, 2020.


Thursday evening January 16th: Keynote Presentation and Welcome Reception

Keynote presentation by Stephen D. Houston, Brown University

Welcome Reception event with drinks and small bites

Friday January 17th: Symposium talks

David Stuart, The University of Texas at Austin
Opening Remarks

Jeremy Coltman, University of California, Riverside
Ordering the Eastern Nahua World: Directionality, Sacrifice, and Creation in the “Middle Pages” of the Codex Borgia 

Kathryn Reese-Taylor, University of Calgary, and Verónica Vázquez López, Nicholas Dunning, Armando Anaya Hernández, F. C. Atasta Flores Esquivel, Meaghan M. Peuramaki-Brown, Shawn G. Morton, Jeffrey Brewer, Chris Carr, Alejandro Uriarte Torres, Sarah Bednar, Debra S. Walker
Hearth, Home, and Harmony: The Preclassic City of Yaxnohcah

Nawa Sugiyama, University of California, Riverside
Dividing Time and Space: Ritualized Production of the Sun and Moon Pyramids at Teotihuacan, Mexico

Peter Jimenez, INAH Regional Center of Zacatecas, México
The Cha ‘anaka/Tsikuri: Cora and Huichol Cosmovision and Its Use in Ritual Landscape Interpretation

Kawoq Baldomero Cuma Chávez, Maya Ajq’ij (traditional religious specialist)
Las Cuatro Esquinas y el Centro del Universo: Elementos Sagrados de la Cosmovisión Maya
Ri kajtz’ik chuqa ri ruk'u'x kaj, ruk'u'x ulew chupan ri loq’oläj Nimab’äl k’u’x

Alejandro de Ávila, Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca and Museo Textil de Oaxaca
Woven Crosses and Rectangles: The Quinqunx on Mesoamerican Looms

E. Logan Wagner, Independent Scholar
Quincunx Architectural Ritual Centering in the Contact Period and Beyond: The Case for the Sixteenth Century Mexican Atrio

Catherine H. Popovici, The University of Texas at Austin
Polity, Place, and Landscape: The Copán Valley Stelae

Karl Taube, University of California, Riverside
Quartering and Centering: Cosmology, Calendrics and Foundation Rituals in Ancient Mesoamerica

Zachary Hruby, Northern Kentucky University
Feeding the Five Directions: The Cuauhxicalli as a Water Mirror and Other Observations

Question and Answer Session 

Saturday January 18th: Symposium Talks

David Stuart, The University of Texas at Austin and Heather Hurst, Skidmore College
Creation in Four Acts: The Narrative Structure of the San Bartolo Murals 

Amara Solari, Penn State and Linda Williams, University of Puget Sound
Painting Christ into a Corner: Monastic Painting as World Making in Sixteenth-Century Yucatán, Mexico

Evan Parker, Tulane University, George J. Bey III, Millsaps College, and Tomás Gallareta Negrón, INAH Regional Center of Yucatán, Mexico
Centering the Early Maya Village: A Middle Preclassic Cosmogenic Jade Offering from Paso del Macho, Yucatán, Mexico

Kerry Hull, Brigham Young University
Myth, Ritual, and Etiology in Ch’orti’ Maya Sacred Geography

Ivan Šprajc, Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU)
Maya Astronomy and Group E-type Complexes: Fiction and Fact

Juan Miró, The University of Texas at Austin
City, Symbol, and Space in Teotihuacán

Crystal Sheedy, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Women's Symbolic Space: Ancient Concepts in Maya Life Today

Susan Milbrath, Florida Museum of Natural History
Thresholds of Time and Space: Yearbearer Imagery in Postclassic Codices

Travis W. Stanton, University of California, Riverside
Causeways, Processions, and Site Structure at Three Cities in the Northern Maya Lowlands: Chichén Itzá, Coba and Yaxuná

Guillermo de Anda, National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico (INAH) and Great Maya Aquifer Project
New Visions of the Sacred Landscape in Chichén Itzá: Latest Results of the Gran Acuífero Maya Project

Question and Answer Session

Concluding Remarks

Saturday evening January 18th: Closing Reception

Closing Reception event with full dinner buffet